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The Rub Tree,

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Roland John Morris Sr.


What made this Tribal Elder

want to work against Tribal government
and federal Indian Policy?

Listen to friends and family tell Roland Morris's Story from his beginning years in Cass Lake, Minnesota, through his travels to Washington DC - on DVD now.


"Dying in Indian Country"

A Story of Inspiration

Shown on

Minneapolis Cable Television Network --

March 9, 16, 23, April 9, 2006


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Now available:  DVD

Running time: 88 Minutes

United States

$9.95 each + $5.00 S&H



$11.95 each + $7.00 S&H  US funds


Send check or money order to

Morris Video

PO Box 460

Hillsboro, ND 58045


Roland John Morris, Sr., tried of watching his family die, asked Senators in Washington DC to step away from current Federal Indian policy and begin to treat all men equally.

Roland J. Morris, Sr.

"Government dependence, through current Federal Indian Policy, is killing people. Federal Policy currently treats tribal members as wards; as children. A man needs to feel needed, but as long as the government is taking care of a man's family through welfare, food stamps, fuel assistance, Medicaid, and HUD housing, a man loses that feeling of being needed and important to his family. If a man doesn't feel needed, what is there for him? I have to ask myself, and you as well: are Indian people to be considered separate but more equal, separate but less equal, or separate and equal? And is it necessary to be separate anyway?"

Read more of Roland's thoughts,

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Roland Morris Senate Committee Testimony   Drug Store Racism   Raising Racism   

Roland J. Morris's Story    Standing Up to Be Counted

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